Brow Design and Tint

We design your eyebrows according to your face by mapping to enhance your natural beauty. You can choose between using wax, thread or tweezers.

Brow design and tint

With well-defined and well-groomed brows and the application of an eyebrow tint, you can achieve a thicker look and a more youthful appearance without having to apply makeup daily as the tint gives you a very beautiful and natural makeup effect shading.

The eyebrow tint will last up to three weeks on the hair and up to 8 days on the skin, allowing it to fill in some spaces that do not have enough hair.

Additional services

Service price: $20

Service price: $20

Service price: $35


Avoid applying soap, shampoo, oil, lotions, or makeup remover to the brow area to prevent the color from fading faster. They can be wetted with water, just avoid rubbing in that area.